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I turned 21 yesterday (yesterday ended two minutes ago and I am late) and I wanted to do a special birthday lottery-- sort of like what Kiss did on her birthday-- but I'm sleepy and lazy so I decided to hand out freebies instead. Kiss mentioned in her last post that I'm going through some personal things, so I really wanted to do a cute TCG-related thing for my birthday and apologize for being so late on... everything...

Go ahead and comment/take choice cards spelling out JUNE BIRTHDAY! June 30 was too short. ♥

Have a lovely day/evening everyone!

larvayne: shin megami tensei: imagine (make a wish upon a shooting star)

[personal profile] larvayne 2014-07-01 04:14 am (UTC)(link)
Happy belated birthday, Shannon! May the coming year be a better one and thank you for the freebies! ♥

freebies: rinJinbu10, wolvesofmibU06, luxeNdarc20, Eorzea18, Bravely04, lIghtmagic09, maRriage15, Trainers09, femaleshepHerds02, Darkmagic09, s-rAnk05, legendarY07
Edited 2014-07-08 04:57 (UTC)
lesbians: (Default)

[personal profile] lesbians 2014-07-01 04:15 am (UTC)(link)
HAPPY END-OF-YOUR-BIRTHDAY, SHAN!!!!!! i will edit this later (thanks for the freebies!!)

J jellyfish06
U mayushi11
N junes04
E programmer11

B butterfly07
I yoppi05
R crocodile09
T new future02
H heibon02
D 2013debut07
A s-rank15
Y literary12
Edited 2014-07-03 02:19 (UTC)
madoka: (Default)

[personal profile] madoka 2014-07-01 04:17 am (UTC)(link)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON!!!!!!!!!!!! i hopeyou had a great one!!

JUNE BIRTHDAY: leraje03, fog troupe04, moon05, selfless03, butterfly01, sindria03, reim empire11, heliohapt13, chibi moon01, adviser04, zagan07, paralysis06
Edited 2014-07-01 20:42 (UTC)
poland: (Default)

[personal profile] poland 2014-07-01 04:18 am (UTC)(link)

JUNE BIRTHDAY: rinjinbu07, mutuality06, moonblast15, criminal05, bolverk14, princess12, flowershop14, collectibles20, kishidamel20, adviser01, artestella02, runny03
Edited 2014-07-01 07:45 (UTC)
bats: (( ccs; senpai ))

[personal profile] bats 2014-07-01 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN SHANNONNNNNN i hope you had a good one!! ♥

justice01, 2013debut08, legendary01, teamrider13, bossun03, schism01, crab05, teikou01, hiddengems01, sket-dan06, yato01, copy08
Edited 2014-07-01 04:35 (UTC)
skitty: (Default)

[personal profile] skitty 2014-07-01 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON! I hope your birthday was da best~*~*


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eat: <user name=majorminus site=livejournal.com> (Default)

[personal profile] eat 2014-07-01 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
happy birthday and i hope you get through your irl stuff!

jupiter01, mutuality03, neet04, wrestler15, labyrinthia04, ghosttrick06, composer07, secretbase04, mayushi05, darkmagic03, videogames10, yoppi11
Edited 2014-07-15 03:14 (UTC)
vilya: (Default)

[personal profile] vilya 2014-07-01 04:29 am (UTC)(link)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your cute tiny bouncy cakelings.

lumberjack01 baticul04 convictions10 sharance20 barona10 choices12 labyrinthia09 sharilton15 mizuho14 hiddengems08 s-rank15 nonarygame07

will return shortly
Edited 2014-07-02 15:21 (UTC)
hacha: (❝precure❞ → megumi)

[personal profile] hacha 2014-07-01 04:36 am (UTC)(link)
Happy Birthday, Shannon!!! I hope you had a fantastic birthday and a good nap too, since you're sleepy now.

JUNE BIRTHDAY: to be edited later
anesidorian: (Default)

[personal profile] anesidorian 2014-07-01 04:43 am (UTC)(link)

JUNE BIRTHDAY: junes01, uncle08, angelmort06, sees07, badluck01, aikido11, arcana15, prosecute05, feathers01, kendo05, dawn01, freestyle02
chianna: (Default)

[personal profile] chianna 2014-07-01 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
Happy Birthday~!
kumajirou: ✧ Katekyo Hitman REBORN! (Let me love you)

[personal profile] kumajirou 2014-07-01 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
And thanks for the freebies

JUNE BIRTHDAY: open07, artestella03, mekakushi11, draw07, awaken03, crabby05, chibimoon14, spiritwave06, teikou14, sket-dan06, mutuality05 (Left J)
Edited 2014-07-04 14:50 (UTC)

[personal profile] sal 2014-07-01 04:59 am (UTC)(link)
Happy Birthday! ♥ I wish all the best for you!

J. janken13
U. focus04
N. awaken10
E. nurse15

B. crabby12
I. isis05
R. artemisia05
T. steal04
H. mekakushi04
D. draw10
A. sharp14
Y. paralysis08

Also, thank you for the freebies. 8)
Edited 2014-07-03 03:05 (UTC)
karna: rean schwarzer ■ legend of heroes: trails of cold steel; (a thousand guns)

[personal profile] karna 2014-07-01 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
happy belated birthday shannon!! i hope you had a great one >w<

june birthday: ikemenijin04, wolvesfmibu02, intoner05, kishidamel03, tableware11, miwashirow04, flowershop03, sisters02, 100th14, andromeda09, marriage04, paralysis06
lady_paine: (Default)

[personal profile] lady_paine 2014-07-01 05:52 am (UTC)(link)
Happy Birthday Shannon! :>

Thank You~

JUNE - ninja12, outside06, trainers06, teamseven07

BIRTHDAY - umbra15, sharingan15, scarf04, ctarl05, secondchild15, darkmagic03, spacepirate05, mercury09
Edited 2014-07-01 06:00 (UTC)
aurorawing: (Default)

[personal profile] aurorawing 2014-07-01 06:17 am (UTC)(link)
happy birthday!!! \o/

jupiter03, truth02, moon01, venus15, saboteur08, isis11, renovate01, protest05, heartscope01, aikido15, magic09, labyrinthia05
headset: (Default)

[personal profile] headset 2014-07-01 06:30 am (UTC)(link)
happy birthday once again shannon!! i hope you had a great day ♥

jump10, luxendarc17, arcana08, eorzea16, bravely12, virgo06, collar05, phantom15, selphia04, maleshepherds10, femaleshepherds03, accuracy06!
hanakoanime: Sorairo Muffler Cover; After Rain Quest. (Default)

[personal profile] hanakoanime 2014-07-01 07:18 am (UTC)(link)
Happy belated birthday~ (But for me, it's still the 30th, so it could be on time...) And I hope things get better for you!

U: focus02
N: saxophone02
E: teikou13

B: crabby10
I: piano03
R: carrot04
T: spiritwave09
D: draw08
A: artestella10
Y: paralysis02
Edited 2014-07-03 06:38 (UTC)
devilism: (Default)

[personal profile] devilism 2014-07-01 08:11 am (UTC)(link)
happy super late birthday... or, well, happy 364 days until your next birthday.. that counts, yes. i'm taking june07, venus15, princess03, uncle09, rosebride14, isis01, risette05, artemisia07, femaleshepherds01, andromeda15, pizza06, copy04!
secretambition: (Tanemura ★ Shinshi Doumei [hands])

[personal profile] secretambition 2014-07-01 09:06 am (UTC)(link)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a great one, and may this year be great for you~♥ Thank you for the freebies uwu

J - jupiter08
U - platinum04
N - chibimoon02
E - starlightacademy14

B - dobato05
I - lovelive13
R - swingrock15
T - aitakatta12
H - loligothic07
D - crossdress03
A - saxophone02
Y - spicyageha04
mist: ♠I'm still a rockstar♠ (Default)

[personal profile] mist 2014-07-01 10:16 am (UTC)(link)
Happy birthday!

j - junes04
u - sun03
n - renovate15
e - 2013debut15
b - breast01
i - videogames06
r - femaleshepherds14
t - future09
h - maleshepherds20
d - dawnking13
a - galax04
y - butterfly08
tatsuya: herse (Default)

[personal profile] tatsuya 2014-07-01 11:06 am (UTC)(link)
happy birthday my dear ;w;

Edited 2014-07-01 14:06 (UTC)
gammacrank: (999 ★ Clover 1)

[personal profile] gammacrank 2014-07-01 12:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Happy birthday, Shannon!

(j)une01, g(u)ertena17, u(n)pleasant14, maxw(e)ll01, (b)utterfly01, (i)sis07, fou(r)-leaf10, convic(t)ions07, researc(h)05, femaleshepher(d)s05, s(a)mezuka05, mercenar(y)11
casualty: (sm ➜ pink)

[personal profile] casualty 2014-07-01 01:16 pm (UTC)(link)
happy birthday!!

J jupiter01
U pluto12
N miracleromance11
E selfless02

B chibimoon02
I darkmagic05
R s-rank14
T trainers08
H femaleshepherds02
D maleshepherds13
A luxendarc17
Y sevendays01
enomoto: (Default)

[personal profile] enomoto 2014-07-01 01:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Happy Birthday, Shannon!

J - junes15
U - meruru02
N - scanner14
E - gamer01

B - saboteur13
I - guitar13
R - artemisia05
T - megaten16
H - femaleshepherds16
D - darkmagic20
A - arcana07
Y - legendary16
Thank you for freebies ♥

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